Materials and Design

Material Collection:

The timber used in the Competition is provided from the Waste Converters Recycling Depot in Dandenong South. This timber comes from shipping pallets and crates that were made in the USA and supplied for recycling from AMCOR.

Two wooden pallets will made available to each contestant.

EACH PALLET CONTAINS: (all dimensions approximate)

  • 3 bearers 1520-1670mm long, 150 x 70mm
  • 9 boards 760mm long, 100 x 20mm
  • 1 board 760mm long, 125 x 20mm
  • 2 boards 760mm long. 150 x 25mm.

The pallets originate from the U.S.A., and include some of the following timber species; American white and red oak, sycamore, maple, cherry, ash and elm.

Note: These pallets are larger than the standard Chep pallets. To collect the pallets you will need appropriate transport such as a trailer, ute, large 4wd, or van. These pallets will not fit in the back of a sedan or hatchback, and should not be attached to roofracks.

Object Design:

  • Contestants are required to design and construct functional or artistic objects from the crate timbers.
  • Exhibits can be made using all or part of the timber provided, although other materials such as glass, metals, plastics, fabrics, leather etc. may be incorporated, provided the overall visual effect and design intent is to showcase the recycled pallet timber. 
  • The idea is to "emphasise" rather than hide the recycled origin of the material!