Create from a Crate first commenced in 2003 and ran through until 2006.

In 2012/13 Waste Converters and the Victorian Woodworking Association are once again organising this competition after a 6 year hiatus. The crates used for the previous competitions came from the Iveco Truck manufacturing plant in Dandenong. This year the timber used for the competition will come from pallets that were made in the USA and they have come from AMCOR Flexibles. These pallets were used to import rolls of heavy metallic film used to make food packaging.

The aim of the competition is to promote the re-use of waste timber that is currently going to landfill. The competition focuses particularly on post-industrial timber packaging waste.

Each year in Victoria, 500,000 tonnes of timber waste is disposed of. Much of this timber waste is packaging waste in the form of pallets, crates and boxes. Often imported pallets are made of exotic timber species and much of this timber has the potential to be recycled into new and value added products.

We hope that the Create from a Crate Competition helps make people aware of the potential that this waste material has for being re-used and recycled. We would like to change people’s attitudes towards timber waste so that people begin to consider this timber more as a resource that can be reused, rather than as refuse to be discarded. The competition provides the incentive for individual wood designers and crafts people to design and construct functional or artistic objects from the timbers available from these pallets.