Why Timber Changes Colour
Rohan Baker, Chemical Engineer at Preschem, recently gave a very informative presentation to VWA Members about why timber changes colour over time and the effect of weathering.

Rohan has written up his presentation and you should check it out: Why Timber Changes Colour - Feel free to use the comments section of the article to post any questions.

Also: Did you know Victoria has a radial sawmill?

As part of the presentation, we also saw the following video. It's only 2 mins long and is really worth watching:


Create from a Crate 2016 Prize Winners!

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1st prize, Jeremy Brown, who impressed the judging panel, with a sleek, light framed chair that he created through hand-cut joinery.
1st Prize.jpg

2nd prize, David Hall, with his Stack of Crates Cabinet - a finely crafted piece that connects with the original use of the timber and incorporates the timbers damages and flaws into considered design features.


3rd prize, Clare Solomon, with her unexpected entry, a satchel bag constructed using traditional fine woodworking techniques.


For more information and pictures, checkout:

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Here is a great 2 min video about the Victorian Woodworkers Association's woodworking classes. This video was shot and edited by one of the VWA's own talented students, Josh Gardner.



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